Today’s Lifeline Magazine Vol1 No2


Today's Lifeline Vol1 No2

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This edition is revealing, thought provoking, inspiring, and instructive. Our lead article described how to get a helicopter view of your life. We were particularly instructed on how to regularly stand back from the field of play in order to stand out, as well as the 5 key areas of our lives we need to evaluate while having the helicopter view. We also featured an exclusive interview with the man that changed gospel music landscape in Nigeria – Dr. Panam Percy Paul. This interview with Dr. Panam will encourage you to live your full potential for God without allowing anything stand in your way. In keeping with our tradition of promoting all-round successful lives, we also shared other inspiring articles that address all the vital areas of life. Some of them includes: Building a marriage that will last; parenting styles; plan for old age; the crucial art of management in terra incognita.



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