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Today's Lifeline Vol4 No1

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This edition features a 10 page interview with the man popularly known as a Walking Bible – Rev. George Adegboye. It is believed that more than 300 prominent ministers in various churches and denominations in the world today (e.g. Rev. Sam Adeyemi, Rev. Ade Adebayo, Pastor Olubiyo) had served with him previously at Rhema Chapel International, the church he founded in 1981. Having preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in 122 countries in a world of about 196 countries, he has made real what he said several years ago that “the world is my constituency”. Rev. George shared some very powerful and timely messages that is a must read for every Christian in this generation. Also, some of the awesome articles in this edition of Today’s Lifeline include How to think creatively; Taking advantage of whatever you earn today; How to effectively handle sibling conflicts; 7 proven ways of maintaining a normal blood pressure; and how you can use your marriage to get into God’s purpose. Go right ahead to get your copy so you could savour these flavours from the Saviour.



Today’s Lifeline Magazine Vol4 No1


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