Today’s Lifeline magazine is an international periodical of Christ Lifeline Ministry currently published quarterly and circulated around the world. It is a complete life magazine that contains all the essential ingredients that anyone needs to live an all-round successful life. With its various sections handled by seasoned ministers of God, Today’s Lifeline Magazine is indeed a lifeline to everyone navigating the decisions of everyday life.

Today’s Lifeline Magazine was first published on January 10, 2009 and is currently a top selling Christian magazine in Nigeria. It contains practical advice that cut across the following segments: Christian Devotion; Love Line; Family Affairs; Health Ethics; Financial Intelligence; The Enterprise; The Called & the Calling; Field of Souls; The Real You; Gospel Legends; Cartoons, Kingdom Kiddies and Leadership Effectiveness. It also features a tete-a-tete section with role model kind of believers who have practically demonstrated the word of God in their lives.

The team of Today’s Lifeline Magazine believes that every facet of your life is most times connected together such that when one aspect suffers, it tends to affect other aspects. For instance, if you are sick today, you may not be able to work effectively. If your relationship with your spouse is unhealthy, it tends to affect your family and work. When we are out of tune with God, we experience unquantifiable drawbacks. This cycle goes on and on. Therefore, for some of us who specialize in doing well in only few aspects of our lives, we may soon learn by experience that “a little leaven leavens the whole lump”.

Therefore, we need to learn to give the right attention to every detail of our lives. This will lead us to constantly experience an all-round successful life. Today’s Lifeline is packaged to help you do just that. The ultimate goal of the magazine is help you experience a remarkable life transformation that will attract others to Christ.

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